• Expatica’s International Job Fair returns on 2 November: Register now!
    Posted by expaticaevents October 14

    The International Job Fair 2014 serves both new and established members of the international community who are looking for a job in the Netherlands. The event will be an interactive extravaganza of companies looking to recruit internationals, workshops, and networking. Visitors can chat with recruiters, get advice on writing a resume or application letter, learn about the Dutch job market, and more. All in one day!


    Get your tickets at jobfair.expatica.com; register online before 20 October to take advantage of the early bird discount.



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      Community Noticeboard France

      If you have a community event, or any news you think the international community in FR should know about, this is the place to make sure that they do! Just start a topic with the appropriate details and Expatica members may respond by posting a reply or s
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      Community Noticeboard France | Expat Events

      Set up a meeting for expats or find out who's doing what.
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      French News

      Discuss Expatica's news of the day.
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      Discuss French Culture

      What do you like and dislike about living here? What are the French all about?
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      Americans in France

      Americans from California to the New York Island can hang out here.
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      Aussies in France

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      English in France

      A place for Brits to chat it up.
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      Canadians in France

      For those who miss Kraft Dinner, Ian Hanamansingh and all things maple.
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      Irish in France

      Meet up with the finest Irish export - the Irish themselves!
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      Kiwis in France

      Kiwis are everywhere!
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      South Africans in France

      For all South Africans living and working in Europe.
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      Other Nationalities in France

      Don't see your own country listed? Start your own thread!
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      Relocating to France

      Tips on moving, where to move, what to look out for.
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      Student forum France

      Forum dedicated to student issues in France
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      Housing in France

      Where to live, how to buy or rent, housing standards. (Please note: only short term rentals and shares may be posted in this section.)
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      Jobs in France

      Share job hunting tips, work permit issues, finding a job, discussing employers. (Note: for job postings, please use Expatica Jobs at www.expatica.com/jobs)
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      Healthcare in France

      Taking care of you and your family, finding a doctor, advice, sharing experiences.
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      Immigration and Legal Problems

      Work permits, residency, divorce, neighbour trouble.
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      Personal Finance in France

      Managing your money, investing, pensions, retirement, taxation.
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      Travel & Transport in France

      Getting from A to B in France. How to get a French driver's licence, travel partners, destinations and advice.
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      Family in France

      Taking care of the kids or the folks back home, schooling, daycare, playgroups, outings.
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      Relationships in France

      Love, marriage, divorce, boyfriends, girlfriends and just friends.
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      Networking in France

      Meet people in your profession – writers, bankers, IT people, entrepreneurs, etc…
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      Groups & Clubs in France

      Have a group you want to form or promote? Put your information here.
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      Learning French

      What's the best way for an expat to learn French? Courses, practice groups…
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      Technology in France

      Latest in IT, international standards, new products, where to buy it.
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      Pets in France

      Taking care of our best friends, play dates, advice, finding a pet, finding a vet.
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      France Soapbox

      Rant & rave. Not for children or the easily offended.
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      Euro Commuters in France

      Living in France and working in another country? Here's a third place to hang out in.
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      Gay & Lesbian in France

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      Hobbies in France

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      Sport in France

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      Sporting Events in France

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      Religion & Spirituality in France

      Food for your soul.
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      Films, Shows & Events in France

      Discuss movies and other forms of entertainment.
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      Shopping in France

      What to get and where to get it, food from home, clothes to cars. 71
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      Eating & Drinking in France

      Where do the expats recommend to eat and drink in France? Restaurants, opinions, pubs and clubs.
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      Television in France

      What’s on, schedules, favourite shows, actors…
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      Humour in France

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      Indians in France

      A place for expats from India to hang out.