Introduction to Whisky | gourmet tasting

  • An ideal introductory tasting for the whisky newbie or those keen to learn more.

    Whisky is one of the world’s most popular beverages. For some people it is not easy to approach, but many of life’s great pleasures are acquired tastes, and worth the pursuit.
    Whisky is an adventure of the senses, rich and diverse in flavours, more than any other distillate.
    A fantastic class for those who are just getting started, but also a great refresher for those who have been tasting for years.

    What to expect at our whisky tasting?

    Learn how to taste & nose whisky like an expert
    Learn about how & where whisky is produced
    Taste 6 quality whiskies: 3 scotch, 1 Japanese, 1 Bourbon, 1 Irish
    Taste 6 amazing appetizers & whisky pairings
    Identify your likes & dislikes
    Get the answers to some of FAQs: What is malt / blended / single malt / strength cask whisky? Should I add water? Whisky or whiskey?, etc…
    1 prize for the winner of our small challenge
    Plenty of water and bread to soak the alcohol
    ISO tasting glasses, tasting sheets
    Course materials to take home
    Date: Friday 12th May, 19:00 – 21:00. Registration deadline: 6th May
    Price: €59 pp / €108 two participants (€54 pp)
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