Cheese & Wine tasting

  • Wine and cheese lovers beware! This gourmet experience promises equal double pleasure, because the two flavors of wine and cheese can be combined with each other wonderfully. A true sensual experience awaits you!

    Follow the path of the milk up to the tasty cheese and taste this in conjunction with an appropriate selection of high quality wines answering the question: which wines go well with which cheese?


    Introduction to the world of cheese (history, manufacturing process, classification)
    How to taste wine & cheese together
    Tasting of 7 cheeses with matching quality wines
    Plenty of water and bread to soak the alcohol
    ISO tasting glasses, tasting sheets, “Le Nez du Vin”aromas
    Course materials to take home
    Max. 18 participants
    Date & Time: Friday 14th June, 19:00 - 21:30 approx.
    Venue: Nassau Odijckstraat 42, 2596 AJ The Hague
    Price: € 49 (incl. VAT)
    Tel. 0638169096
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