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What are Osho Active Meditations?

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  • Osho Active Meditations are a new way of taking care of both the outer and the inner you. Each program starts with physical activity such as shaking, dancing or humming, and is followed by relaxation and stillness. This is when meditation can happen--a time to just be aware of your bodily sensations, thoughts, and feelings in a self-accepting way, without judgment. 
    Who are they for? 
    Osho Active Meditations are especially designed for people who want to bring a new quality of ease to their busy, pressured lives--for men and women who not only care about their bodies and health, but who also like to feel at ease inside. 
    Osho Active Meditations are for people who want to become more open and flexible, without being controlled by the opinions of others. How do they work? Unrelieved tensions block the natural flow in our bodies. This affects our ability to think and the way in which we relate to others. 
    Osho Active Meditations dissolve these blocks and allow us to become more natural and relaxed. 

    Many more informations, videos, research about Osho´s meditations on www.oshomeditationstudio.com

    Drop-in Osho Kundalini Meditation every Tuesday 19:30-20:30, Cost:€5,

    Drop-n Chakra Meditation every friday 18:00-19:00, Cost: €5

    Drop-in Osho Nadabrahma every Saturday 18:30-19:30, Cost: €5

    7 day & 21 day course Osho Dynamic Meditaiton

    more info 0178 1685 222


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    8:30 PM - 9:30 PM
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    Germany Berlin Schlesische str. 38 Kreuzberg Map
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    Osho Meditation Studio
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