Art-A 2013 open days at WM Gallery

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  • During the Art-A 2013 open days, creating a synergy in the Antwerp art fair, WM Gallery will exhibit works of art from Matteo Pugliese (It.), Delphine Boël (B.), Pol Mara (B.) and Bruno Vekemans (B.).

    In these two weekends (Nov. 30th - Dec. 1st, and Dec. 7th - Dec. 8th), WM Gallery welcomes you to discover these amazing artists.


    Matteo Pugliese is well known for his beatles (bronze, ceramics and mixed media), his samurai (bronze) and his human beings whom are coming out of the walls (Extra Moenia, bronze). New works of art will be exhibited during Art-A.


    The work of Delphine Boël can best be described as word-art. With words in acrylic paint or glitter she commentates our society and the problems in the world, in a rather comic and sarcastic way.
    This results in work that is colorful, funny and full of joy.


    The collection from Pol Mara comes out of the Museum in Gordes (France) and the private collection from Mrs. Mara. This oeuvre generates his evolution in the first five periods from his artistic career (1948 - 1962), going from his more academic work, to his 'moon faces' into the abstract paintings. These works have long been kept from the public, but are now on display.


    With a retrospective oeuvre from Bruno Vekemans, WM Gallery shows the evolution the artist has made in the last 20 years, from working on pattern paper, to oil on canvas, and now working on 200 year old paper. His portraits, city scapes and interiors are breathtaking.


    The open days will take place on Saturday November 30th (11 am - 9 pm), Sunday December 1st (11 am - 7 pm), Saturday December 7th (11 am - 7 pm) and Sunday December 8th (11 am - 7 pm).


    More information about the artists and the gallery can be found on

  • 11/30/13 at 11:00 AM -
    12/8/13 at 7:00 PM
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