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    The 24th of February 'Sofieloves' and 'De Wijnwijven' organise a new edition of ‘Fashion meets Wine’. After a successful sold out third edition it is time for a new pop up wine party. Great wines need to be accomponied by great snacks, which will be taken care of by the ladies of Sofielo...
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    During Carnival Eindhoven transforms into 'Lampegat'. The whole city wears the colours orange-blue. 'Lampegat' is known for its hospitality: everybody is welcome to join this enormous feast. But if you would like to spend your carnival days the way you should, you have to known the carnival hotspots...

The importance of faith and our own spiritual growth

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  • It is widely understood in today’s world that belief is very important so as to avoid chaos. Ignore this at your own peril. By having belief and knowing how to connect to others you can achieve an inner peace that will bring you to a point of change that is so powerful you will find success easy. Come to our seminar and find out what successful people take for granted. Join our two hour seminar on 11.06.2012.




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    8:30 PM - 11:00 PM
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    Belgium Brussels Rue Breydel 40, 1040 Brussels Map
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