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    Expat Club travels from Friday evening 19 January (afterwork departure) to Sunday evening to the totally white Vosges mountains in Eastern France. This week much snow is falling / has fallen, and during our visit the skiing conditions are going to be great. We travel with a full bus of international...

EXPAT CLUB: Sailing at Sea

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  • Expat Club arranged two beautiful sailing boats for a nice day out on the sea! The first one being the twomaster De Nele, the other one the faster and modern Arenal. We choose an excellent day as the lovely Oostende voor Anker festival is also taking place this weekend. This classic maritime event boasts over 150 authentic ships, in all shapes, sizes and colours. The harbour and waters of Oostende will offer us a magnificent sight. What a spectacular day to go sailing! For more information: https://expatclub.org/event/sailing-at-sea-3/
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    8:00 AM - 8:00 PM
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    Belgium Oostende Belgium Map
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    Expat Club
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