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    Photography in Amsterdam For almost 25 years Ad van Denderen, the acclaimed Dutch documentary photographer, has been photographing daily life in Israel and the Palestinian territories. He originally worked in black and white, in a classical, direct, reportage style. About 15 years ago he switched to...
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  • This fall, CinemAsia Film Festival goes on tour to the brand new KINO film theatre in Rotterdam. On Saturday October 22nd, during KINO’s opening weekend, CinemAsia presents a special selection of contemporary Asian cinema productions. The program includes feature films from Taiwan, Korea and Indonesia. Attention is also being paid to stories about the Dutch-Asian identity by young filmmakers in our Made in Holland section. In addition, the audience can also see the exhibition 'Queers of Hong Kong' by Joe Lam (HK) and enjoy delicious Asian food.

    CinemAsia is pleased to screen its’ diverse Asian program in each of the four new KINO halls. The program starts in the afternoon and goes on until late.

    CinemAsia FilmLAB shorts (The Netherlands, 2016), KINO 3 – 15:00

    The afternoon program starts with the screening of three Asian diaspora short films by young filmmakers, produced in CinemAsia's own film lab.

    BREAK ABLE by Winston Catarroja is about an elderly man, who breaks his precious music box, but finds help from a Filipina caregiver to fix it. The two seem to have more similarities than appears at first sight.

    GAMELAN by Daniel Porcedda is about Tari who has no contact with her family in Indonesia. One day, she discovers things from her family in the attic, which has been hidden from her for years.

    GHOST by Abigail Prade is about the 15-year-old Goth Li-An who has to work at her parents’ Chinese restaurant during Christmas. Growing up between two cultures the teenager is determined to follow her own path, to the great dismay of her traditional mother.

    ZINNIA FLOWER 百日告別 (Taiwan, 2015) by Tom Shu-Yu Lin 林書宇, KINO 2 – 16:00

    CinemAsia Jury Award Winner 2016 Two completely different people, Wei (Shih Chin-Hang) and Ming (Karena Lam) lose their significant others in a huge car crash in Taipei. According to Buddhist traditions, both are given 100 days to mourn the passing of their loved ones, catapulting them into months of mourning and soul-searching.

    Trailer: https://youtu.be/eOKFHSGP8ow

    COLLECTIVE INVENTION (Zuid-Korea, 2015) van Kwon Oh-kwang, KINO 3 – 19:00

    The life of the unemployed man Gu (Lee Kwang-soo) in Seoel takes a turn for the worse when a medical experiment turns him into a fish and puts him firmly into the nation’s spotlight. Who is he and what is he turning into? This film is a hilarious yet surprisingly touching black comedy, worth seeing.

    Trailer: https://youtu.be/hrXjrA9BuEg

    THE GOLDEN CANE WARRIOR (Indonesië, 2014) van Ifa Isfansyah, KINO 4 – 21:00

    The young martial artist Dara (Eva Celia) must train in order to exact revenge on her former associates, retrieve the mystical Golden Cane, and become the legendary warrior. This martial arts epic combines beautifully choreographed action sequences with a lush historical setting. A thrilling viewing experience for both newcomers and long-time fans of the martial arts genre.

    Trailer: https://youtu.be/WxHZ6HY9Uck


    Photo exposition QUEERS OF HONG KONG by Joe Lam – photographer, director of Hong Kong Lesbian & Gay Film Festival and publisher of HK Gay Magazine. Queer is an umbrella term for LGBTQ. The xposition is a series of portraits with each a very personal story attached, showing the diversity of the Queer community in Hong Kong. Besides film and photo, the audience can also enjoy delicious Asian food and drinks.

    For more information on the program and ticket sales, go to www.cinemasia.nl or www.kinorotterdam.nl.

    Also check our CinemAsia 2016 On Tour Trailer: https://youtu.be/cSNBKEyjIJM


    CinemAsia is an annual film festival that dedicates itself to broadening the horizons of the Dutch public and the Dutch film industry in regards to contemporary Asian cinema by offering them a selection of the best commercial and art house films Asia has to offer. CinemAsia also acts as a platform that promotes the visibility of Asians in the media and encourages more diversity in storytelling in the Dutch media and


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