Interior photographar wanted!

  • Dear all,

    Short Stay Group Amsterdam is looking for enthusiastic and flexible photography students and photographers who can take professional photos of our apartments.

    A good first (visual) impression is very important when booking an apartment. That is why good apartment pictures are the number one priority for our websites.

    Do you have the following qualities?
    - An eye for detail, composition, quality and styling
    - Know how of your camera and how to make adjustments
    - Work independent and precise
    - Quick in delivering pictures
    - Eager to learn how to improve your pictures

    If you are looking for a flexible job and you want to further your education to make better interior pictures, please do not wait too long and contact us.

    In order to take apartment photographs you need to have a Reflex camera with minimum 12 Megapixel, a Super wide angle lens minimum 13 mm (Non Full Frame) or 20 mm (Full Frame), a normal wide angle to tele-zoom lens and a separate flash (Guide number 40 at ISO 100 50mm)

    Kind Regards,

    Douwe Stijns
    +31 6 25349127
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  • JudithDeBatsDamm
    JudithDeBatsDamm I sent you an email with my information, I can do most all that you may need and there is no learning necessary. I am doing work with Realestate agents and the like for interior photos now. Judith de Bats/ and www.jmdebat...  more
    August 4, 2012