Private French tuition in Brussels

  • You live in Brussels or around and you are tired of not being able to communicate with people here, especially in every day situations? You are motivated but you have a crazy schedule and you would like a lessons schedule with high flexibility?

    Customized lessons are offered just for you by a 7 years of experience teacher in Brussels, Belgium.

    Depending on your level, needs, and expectations I'll design a lesson plan that covers areas you'd like to work on and, with my proven track record, I'll be able to help you achieve your goal of understanding and speaking the language.

    Prices are way more attractive comparing to Languages academies in the city and bill can be provided. The classroom material is included in the price so you do not have to buy anything else.

    Don't hesitate, don't feel shy! You can speak French and you will so go ahead and contact me now for more information.

    Lesson delivery:
    -Live in person (individual or group)
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