PhotographyCourses.Amsterdam-Spring session

  • On March 09th, we'll be starting a new course.

    The basic photography course starts from the very beginning and covers all elements that you need to be in control of in order to create good images:

    Shutter Speed
    Light and Exposure
    Focus Control
    White Balance
    Rule of Thirds
    Composition and Vantage Point
    Movement (freezing and blurring)
    Retouching ( an introduction to Photoshop and Lightroom)
    The basic photography course consists of five 2-hour classroom sessions and one field trip to a Natural Park (National Park Zuid-Kennemerland). The two hour period begins with peer feedback on the assigned homework (indoors and outdoors), followed by a lecture, then hands on exercises and finishes with questions.The small class sizes (max 10) guarantees everyone will get the attention he/she needs. Classes are designed to be effective and fun, suggesting a variety of assignments in which you can apply everything you learn.

    On the Camera
    For this course you will need a DSLR camera, Mirrorless camera or Compact camera, which has Aperture (A/Av) Priority, Shutter (S/Tv) Priority and Manual Mode.

    Thursdays: March 09, 16, 23, 30 April 06
    From 19:30-21:30
    Field trip on April 02 (Sunday afternoon)

    De Boomsspijker, Recht Boomssloot 52, 1011 EC Amsterdam (Nieuwmarkt area)

    Course Fee: €220,00 ( does not include the train ticket for the field trip )

    more info and registration:
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