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    ACROBATICS | Teens
    Akrobatics class for teenagers (13-16 yrs)
    Taught in English. All language levels.

    Join this fun, energetic, and structured acrobatics class. We will work on cartwheels, jumping into rolls, roundoffs, overall flexibility, handstands, and walkovers/handsprings.
    Classes include an energetic warm up and a cool down at the end. Participants do not only improve their coordination, flexibility, balance, fitness, and technique they also develop patience and concentration.
    In this class boys and girls can work at their own individual acrobatic level whilst learning how to help each other and work as a team.
    A fun acrobatics class without any pressure of competition!

    The Center in Prenzlauer Berg is Berlin’s only School of English and Performing Arts. We offer a wide variety of dance, ballet, acrobatics, singing, and acting classes for kids, teens, and adults - all taught in English. Our instructors are native English speakers from all over the world and professional artists in their fields. Visit our website, join us on FACEBOOK and come by and enjoy being part of our international English-speaking crowd!
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