Save up to 100chf per camp by booking early

  • Our Summer Camps are now available for booking online! We have an exceptional discount deal for the first few spots to go for each camp- book now to save big! Save up to 100CHF by booking early! Additional family discounts also apply when booking a 2nd or more course or camp!

    For all our Full Week Camps (Full Day for ages 5-13 and Mini Camp for ages 3-5) we have 8 spots available at a great discounted price! Offer available until 28 February 2018 or until sold out!

    Full Day Camps in Geneva / Versoix

    100CHF off the full price! The price drops from 525CHF to 425CHF!

    Full Day Camps in Basel/Zug/Zurich/Vaud/France

    75CHF off the full price! The price drops from 460-500CHF to 385-425CHF!

    Mini Camps in ALL regions

    50CHF off the full price! The price drops from 250-270CHF to 200-220CHF!

    Terms and Conditions

    The discount applies only to the first 8 spaces on each camp week (Full Day or Mini- full week only)- you must select the full week category when booking, not the individual days.
    Discount does not apply when booking day camps.
    Once the 8 spaces are sold out, the regular price applies.
    Discount can be used in combination with the 2nd child/camp discount (an additional 15% off when booking a 2nd camp of the same type) but not in combination with other deals.
    If you wish to switch dates / camps at a later time, you will have to pay the difference in price.
    You may only book members from the same family.


    Wk 2-6 July: Varembé, Thonex & GES (tbc)
    Wk 9-13 July: Varembé, Bout du Monde & Versoix
    Wk 16-20 July: Varembé, Thonex & Versoix
    Wk 23-27 July: Varembé & Bout du Monde
    Wk 30 July- 3 August: Versoix
    Wk 6-10 August: Varembé, Bout du Monde & Versoix
    Wk 13-17 August: Varembé, Thonex & Versoix
    Wk 20-24 August: Varembé, Bout du Monde, GES (tbc) & Echenevex (France)


    Wk 2-6 July: Pully
    Wk 9-13 July: Pully
    Wk 16-20 July: Nyon & Vevey
    Wk 23-27 July: GEMS (Etoy-Morges)
    Wk 30 July- 3 August: Pully
    Wk 6-10 August: Nyon, Vevey & ISL
    Wk 13-17 August: Pully & GEMS
    Wk 20-24 August: Vevey & ISL


    Wk 2-6 July: Allschwil
    Wk 9-13 July: Rankhof
    Wk 23-27 July: Allschwil
    Wk 6-10 August: Rankhof


    Wk 9-13 July: Cham
    Wk 23-27 July: ISZL
    Wk 6-10 August: Cham
    Wk 13-17 August: ISZL


    Wk 9-13 July: Seefeld
    Wk 16-20 July: Langnau
    Wk 23-27 July: Seefeld
    Wk 30 July- 3 August: Langnau
    Wk 6-10 August: Seefeld
    Wk 13-17 August: Langnau
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