InterSoccer Birthday Parties 2018

  • Are you planning for Birthdays in 2018?

    Does your child love football? How about celebrating his/her birthday with a fantastic football/multisports/sports themed party with all his/her friends? Contact us to organise an InterSoccer Birthday Party and let’s have lots of fun.

    The parties can take place all year long, summer and winter alike, indoor and outdoor, so do not hesitate! We are now taking bookings for 2018. We have some great indoor facilities for cold weather & outdoor facilities when it’s bright and sunny!
    We provide great qualified coaches, all the equipment, 1 medal / 1 T-shirt for the Birthday Child & lots of fun across all Swiss regions including Geneva, Vaud, Basel, Zug & Zurich!

    Please consult our website or refer to this link for more info:

    We wish you a fabulous 2018!
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