InterSoccer Winter Indoor Soccer Courses & Winter Holiday Camps

  • Great news! Online booking is open for our 2018 Winter Indoor Courses in Geneva, Lausanne, Etoy-Morges, Basel, Zug, Zurich & Winter Holiday camps (Geneva only), which start the first week of Jan & end of Dec respectively.
    2018 Winter Courses Schedule:
    • Tot Soccer (2-3 yrs) in :
    o Basel (Dreirosen) starting 9-Jan
    o Zurich (Tennis & Squash Center Sihtal Langnau ) starting 10- Jan

    • Mini Soccer (3-5yrs) in :
    o Geneva (Nations) starting 7-Jan
    o Etoy-Morges (GEMS) starting14-Jan
    o Basel (Volta Gym -Central Basel & Plaffenholz Sport Center ) starting 6/8 Jan respectively
    o Zug (ISZL) starting 7/11-Jan respectively
    o Zurich (ICSZ & Gymnasium Gemindrhaus- Klichberg) starting 12-Jan
    o Chavannes des Bois starting 10-Jan

    • After School (4-12yrs) in:
    o Lausanne (Gymnastique de Malieu-Pully) starting 12-Jan
    o Basel (Pffafenholz) startin 9-Jan
    o Zug (ISZL) starting 10-Jan
    o Zurich (ICSZ, Gymnasium Gemindehaus- Klichberg & Adliswil) starting 9/12/8-Jan respectively
    o Chavannes des Bois starting 10-Jan

    • Weekend Soccer (3-12yrs) in
    o Geneva (International School of Geneva (Nations)) starting 7-Jan
    o Etoy-Morges (GEMS)starting 14-Jan
    o Basel (Volta Gym-Central Basel) starting 6-Jan
    o Zug (ISZL) starting 7-Jan

    2018 Winter Holiday Camps Schedule: Camps at Nations in Geneva – Book 1 to 5 days
    Winter Camps will be running in Geneva at International School of Geneva – Campus des Nations with both Mini Half Day Camps (3-5 yrs) 10H00 – 12H30 & Full Day Camps (5-13 yrs) 10H00 – 16H00 running Monday to Friday in the following weeks:
    • Wed 3 – Friday 5 Jan – (1-3 Day Camp)

    You can book 1,2, 3 or more days with great savings package if you book the full week.
    Fantastic discount of 20-30 % also available for 2nd and 3rd children/courses/camps booked during the winter term!
    We look forward to seeing you at our 2018 courses & camps!
    For more info & booking visit
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