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    ronprice In the last eleven years, from 2000 to 2011, I have received many emails on the world-wide-web requesting a wide variety of forms of assistance. While working, writing and responding to the posts of others on the internet, dozens of posts have come my way at Facebook, at the many sites at which I write, and simply from people who have discovered my profile and my writing. These people make specific requests for money and assistance, romance, or just friendship. I have sent what I hope are--and what I have tried to write--helpful messages to literally 100s of people in the last decade. To those making requests for help with their romantic or financial life, their sex life or some in extremis situation in which they find themselves, I suggest they read the following to understand my position in relation to their requests. For those simply wanting my friendship I suggest they write to my email address which I cannot post here, but can be found on the internet at sites like Lindedin. I will be happy to respond to w...  ...  more
    October 17, 2011